Legal Obligations of Property Owners with Swimming Pools

Following any incidences that have occurred in a swimming pool, the property owner is always held accountable for any injuries, damages, or death. Most people fail to grasp the amount of responsibility that comes with owning a pool until they have to face the legal ramifications as a result of negligence. As a pool owner, you should be familiar with your legal obligations to keep the people swimming in your pool safe. Therefore, before you make the decision to own a backyard pool, here are some of the legal obligations pool owners have to shoulder.

1. Supervision

Supervision goes beyond monitoring children and teenagers in the swimming pool. Supervising adults is just as important. Anyone can drown in a swimming pool regardless of age or swimming ability. The suction power of the pool drain is strong enough to hold any full grown adult long enough to result in fatal consequences. Keeping an eye on the pool when it is in use can help to prevent a lot of nasty incidences.

2. Your Pool should be well equipped

Nothing will flip the odds on you faster than evidence of negligence and sub-standard pool equipment. Regardless of the size or purpose of your swimming pool, never skimp on pool equipment. You should possess all the necessary flotation devices and keep them handy by the poolside where they can be used to save a life.

3. Create a Barrier or Hire a Constant Supervisor

If your swimming pool does not have any barriers or fences to keep people away when you are not around, ensure that it is constantly under watch by a skilled adult. An open pool spells potential danger to any wandering children when there are no adults to supervise.

4. Hygiene

Your swimming pool should be regularly cleaned and chlorinated to avoid causing ailments such as asthma and skin conditions to the swimmers. Ideally, you should have it cleaned after every swimming session since the germs from our bodies constitute the worst kind of swimming pool contaminant. Avoid unnecessary litigations by installing a shower near the pool to facilitate showering before and after swimming.

5. Get an Insurance Policy

No matter how many safety precautions you take, it is always prudent to get insurance just to be on the safe side. Accidents always happen and it will benefit you greatly to be well prepared to cope with the situation in case anyone gets hurt or drowns in your swimming pool. Swimming pool experts recommend getting at least $1,000,000 worth of insurance.

A few other things you are legally responsible for as a pool owner is the people you allow inside your pool or premises. Do not let inebriated individuals into the swimming pool because in case they injure themselves or drown, you will be held fully accountable for allowing them to endanger their lives within your premises. Remove all the toys from the pool after swimming to prevent children from being tempted to go into the water when no one is around. A mere “keep out” sign will not do you much good in a lawsuit. Ensure that you are well familiarized with all the legal obligations of a swimming pool owner.