What Type of Attorney Handles Drownings or Swimming Pool Accidents?

Ranked the fifth leading cause of death in the United States, drowning deaths and injuries are more prevalent than you may think. Figures from the Center for Disease Control show that about ten people lose their lives every day due to drowning. The figures are much more sobering when the number of unintentional injuries that occur in swimming pools is accounted for.

Typically, in the event of a swimming pool accident, a personal injury attorney is the best-equipped person to handle the swimming pool death or injury claim. This is not to say that there aren’t several nuances that may necessitate the involvement of a more specialized kind of lawyer. Nevertheless, in most cases, a personal injury lawyer is the best option.

Why You Should Always Pick the Best Personal Injury Law Firm

Nothing can bring back a loved one after an unfortunate swimming pool incident. The best you and your family can hope for is to get fully compensated for your loss. Cases such as these are a lot less convoluted and are easy to handle if you have the right type of lawyer.

Despite their relative straightforwardness, however, a personal injury attorney brings to the table years of experience and insight. Where other lawyers may have to do familiarize themselves with one or two scenarios, a specialized personal injury lawyer will have a wealth of experience and skills that will give them the ability to handle your particular case in the best way possible.

Also to consider is the fact that not every tragic swimming pool accident results in death. Some leave your loved ones suffering from serious terminal brain damage that can lead to loss of cognitive functions, memory loss, inhibited learning capabilities and other serious problems. Getting fair compensation for such unfortunate incidences is not a walk in the park. There are a lot of considerations to make and sometimes, all you need is the right lawyer to get everything you and your loved ones deserve.

Understanding the Causes of Drowning Deaths

Even though drowning deaths are fairly uncomplicated, the cause of drowning usually isn’t. Personal injury lawyers understand every single danger in and around the swimming pool that may lead to drowning.

Sometimes even with properly maintained swimming pool equipment, tragedy can still strike. In these events, the personal injury lawyer may find the human error to be the cause of drowning, such as the lack of supervision for young children in the pool. Improperly marked pools, lack of warning signs and an inadequately lit pool area can also lead directly or indirectly to grievous pool injuries and deaths.

The Statute of Limitations

To avoid further complicating a wrongful death or personal injury lawsuit, one must abide by the statute of limitations. This includes a time limit within which one must have filed their claim(s) with a specific Ante Litem Notice to prevent their injury claim or lawsuit barred.

Getting the right kind of attorney can save you a lot of grief after a traumatic event and give you the peace of mind you need to recover from it.