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A water main burst

A water main in the street burst and made a mess of your swimming pool. How should you resolve the problem?

You may think this could never happen, but I assure you it is not out of the question! Recently I was called to a location in an upscale residential area of Los Angeles where this very thing transpired.

Early one morning a water main in the street burst and thousands of gallons of water gushed out of the ground, carrying dirt, mud and debris around two private homes.  After flooding the front and side yards, the water rushed into swimming pools on both properties.

By the time the water was stopped there was damage not only to the homes and yards, but both swimming pools were filled with dirty water and debris. While the water rushed around the houses, other landscaping materials and debris were caught up in the flood and transported to the back yards. Not only was the water in the pools polluted, but the concrete decking surrounding the pools was covered with mud.  At one home the filtration system continued to operate and the pump and filter were quickly clogged.

After an unreasonable delay, the homeowners called in local swimming pool contractors and pool service companies for advice and estimates of the costs to repair their pools. Unfortunately, the delays resulted in unnecessary staining of the pool interiors and growth of algae.

If the homeowners had immediately hired someone to drain the pools and remove the debris, the damage to the pools would have been minimal.  This is a case of too little too late. If your swimming pool becomes polluted with dirt or mud you should immediately drain the water and clean the interior. Do not delay. If the pools had been quickly cleaned and the filtration systems activated, there would have been little or no damage.