Pool Resolution Consulting Inc.

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"His experience, creativity, and diplomacy make him uniquely capable of resolving disputes
and providing accurate, expert reports when they are needed
Douglas Ferrell, P.E.

"He is particularly skilled in identifying the real causes of problems...."
W. Douglas Steimle California Pools Owner, retired

"You will find no one with such a mastery of so many facets of their industry".
Bruce Conn, President, California Equity & Loan

"I have found him to have an expert knowledge of the details of construction".
Michael K. Sorenson, General Manager California Pools, San Gabriel Office

“He is one of the most ethical and honest professionals we have had the pleasure of working with.”
Scott & Francine Sprigel, Thousand Oaks, Ca


Smith Sovik Kendrick & Sugnet, PC – Syracuse, New York

Vasquez Estrada & Dumont LLP – San Rafael, California

Bruce G Cassidy & Associates, PA – Princeton, New Jersey

Gauthier Houghtaling & Williams, LLP – Metairie, Louisiana

Rosenstein Fist & Ringold – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Cunningham& Lansden, Attorneys at Law – Shingle Springs, California

Rodriguez & Associates – Bakersfield, California

Foley & Oakes, PC – Las Vegas, Nevada

Goodkin & Lynch, LLP – Los Angeles, California

Ogletree Deakins Nash Smoak & Stewart, PC – Phoenix, Arizona

Kinerk Beal Schmidt Dyer & Sethi, PC – Tucson, Arizona

Walsh McKean & Furcolo, LLP – San Diego, California

Gordon & Rees LLP – San Francisco, California

Leitner Williams Dooley & Napolitan, PLCC – Nashville, Tennessee

Lorber Greenfield & Polito, LLP – Poway, California